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prediction in 2012 ?? November 15, 2009

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Equilateral Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy

It is speculated that Mayans, with their arcanely advanced knowledge of interstellar space, knew that in 2012 the world would end from the devastating effects of Earth entering the region of space known as the equilateral plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists agree that as the solar system and the Earth plunge into this highly energized plane of the galaxy – it is unknown what will happen to us.

Nuclear Devastation

In what would be the ultimate tragedy of war, nuclear devastation could destroy the world. Some would argue that this recipe for disaster has already been started with the current political pressures caused primarily by the United States and their war in the Middle East. Other players who could contribute to a complete end world nuclear aftermath include North Korea, Iran, China and even India, Pakistan, or the United Kingdom…



The End Of World November 15, 2009

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What do you think about the end of world?Something super destruction?Solar Storm?Tsunami and everything you image it in mind.

2012,is it?

Now is 2009,so about 3 YEARS LATER!!Can you predict your ways for prepare something good?Like back to nature,pray all over day.

May be,peoples back to remember about their God every second.Forget their activity.Fasting and spread their money to poor man.It is good?I though it better than peoples who spending time by encrease sexuality,clubbing etc.They think that the day is no longer anymore,so why not spending time with enjoyable thing?

I do not know,if very much peoples do something worse,exactly,The End Of World no longer anymore.