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prediction in 2012 ?? November 15, 2009

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Equilateral Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy

It is speculated that Mayans, with their arcanely advanced knowledge of interstellar space, knew that in 2012 the world would end from the devastating effects of Earth entering the region of space known as the equilateral plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists agree that as the solar system and the Earth plunge into this highly energized plane of the galaxy – it is unknown what will happen to us.

Nuclear Devastation

In what would be the ultimate tragedy of war, nuclear devastation could destroy the world. Some would argue that this recipe for disaster has already been started with the current political pressures caused primarily by the United States and their war in the Middle East. Other players who could contribute to a complete end world nuclear aftermath include North Korea, Iran, China and even India, Pakistan, or the United Kingdom…


Are the Biblical prophecies true?

Alien Contact

Considering that the Mayan culture itself has indication an “external force” this theory may not be as far fetched as one might think. Furthermore, depending on your perspective, the odds of alien encounter may be significantly higher if another event outlined in this page is about to occur.

Were the Mayans in contact with an advanced extraterrestrial race?

The implications of alien contact during the year 2012 will vary depending on an important factor in regards to their actions towards us. Hostile or benevolent. Good or evil.

The end of the world as we know it could be the result of a hostile alien race. Such races are speculated to exist. These races include the Reptillians & the Greys, but other possible include biomechanical Androids or advanced Insectoids. If Earth is rare, then it may be prime real estate for an extraterrestrial civilization and they may or may not care who is currently occupying the planet.

In consideration of the end of the world, one must consider that this doesn’t necessarily imply a negative outcome.

If there is alien contact in 2012, it may be for a logical reason. And it may be connected to another scenario outlined on this site.

Asteroid Impact

Doomsday asteroid impactIf a giant asteroid wiped out the Dinosaurs, it can destroy us too.

Scientists predict that the chances of a class 10 impact (zero indicating no impact an 8 indicating a certain Earth impact with severe global damage and 10 indicating a doomsday impact) are one in 1,000.

Yet did they predict a date ? Some say that the Mayans picked 2012 for a reason.

Solar Flares

Solar flareEven NASA has officially indicated that solar flare activity will be at peak during the year 2012.

Micro organisms from space

micro organisms from spaceSimilar to the Alien Contact theory, but on a much, much smaller scale.

Biological Warfare

A virus could wipe out every human being on the planet. As biological weaponry evolves for the application of modern warfare, there becomes an ever increasing threat that this can

Planetary Inferno Combustion

Some sort of atomic reaction, that apparently can ignite the entire planet on fire if initiated. Wipes out every living thing within 50 seconds.

Government Initiated Extermination

There is a current theory that a New World Order consisting of the Bush Family, large CEOs have a plan to wipe out 75% of the population.

While this is not exactly the entire planet, such a transition would certainly signify the end of the world as we know it, and as they plan goes… a new world order will prevail.


Because volcanoes are just cool.

Death of the Core of the Earth

Oil. We are sucking the planet dry of it. Oil is the very blood of the planet. As symbolic of a human body, without blood we cannot survive. Nor can planet Earth.

The Good Will Prevail

An epic battle between good & evil – with the good side winning.

Magma Crust

The wobble of the Earth’s axis (precession) will spin out of control like a top near the end of its spin. This theory is based on the crust of the Earth sits above flowing magma. The Earth’s out of control spin will cause the crust of the Earth to violently shift over the magma causing tremendous volcanoes, earthquakes, and global disaster.

[submitted by Harry]

Earth Will Transform into a Gas Giant like Jupiter

There is a theory that the gas giants in our solar system were once luscious worlds rich in life and even civilization. But then Neptune was destroyed. And Uranus was destroyed. And then Saturn was destroyed. Jupiter was destroyed. And finally, sometime before 2013, the Earth will also be destroyed – transforming into a gas giant.


The world is not going to end. In 2012 the planet is finally going to fight back. We as a human race have destroyed this planet from what it once was. By December 21, 2012 it has been predicted predicted that the world is going to kick us off of her surface once and for all.

The human race has created war, built houses, put pavement on her ground, cut down her trees, put holes in her atmosphere, poisoned her waters, to the brink of annihilation. We have made her from green to dried up and withered dirt. Many believe we no longer deserve to live on this planet any more than we already have. And it is argued that only cultures like the Native Americans, who have never done anything to hurt this planet ever, deserve to be here. They have always taken good care of her.

Furthermore, there is indeed a distinct possibility that extraterrestrials have been monitoring the progress of human civilization since its inception. Ever since the World War 1 and 2, the aliens could very well have enacted a new policy; made the executive decision to ‘remove the destructive humans’ from planet Earth. The deadline for the new policy could be December 21, 2012. If so, the Earth will certainly have serious backup in her retaliatory fight against humans.

[thanks to Esther]

The Unnecessary Death of Ourselves

War of the WorldsWith so much concern, worry and worldwide panic about the 2012 end of the world, we may in fact subconsciously cause it. In recent years, Quantum physics have revealed the tremendous power of the subconscious mind. Our subconscious can in fact manifest our reality, whether we like it or not. It is postulated that the force of such a global concentration of subconscious thought, based on the impending 2012 doomsday, could cause a manifestation of epic proportions… indirectly of course.

A perfect example was during the radio broadcast “War of the Worlds”. Author H.G. Wells had announced that his story was fictitious. Yet some listeners just assumed it was real. This caused a wide spread panic. People committed suicide. Streets were filled with chaos. A similar event could happen on December 21, 2012 – but even worse. If any minor incident happens on that day it will trigger a chain reaction of disasters.

Amplifying this disastrous scenario is the preparation of the world for 2012. Because many people will have disaster preparation plans ready in case of a real 2012 incident, the slightest hint of a problem on December 21 will provoke people to execute these plans. And this will cause a domino effect of justified reactions & panic. Can you see the subconscious manifestation at work?

In combination, the clandestine (evil) plans by various criminal organizations would cause even more problems – further amplifying the destruction. Fueled by greed, there are who may have plans in advance of December 21, 2012 – to take advantage of the widespread panic. These plans will be executed when the panic arises – adding to the clusterbomb of problems that may ultimately compound the situation: and lead to the end of the world.



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